The Soul Always knows what to Do to Heal Itself, the Challenge is to silence the Mind. -Caroline Myss


The decision to start counselling can be a difficult one. The therapeutic process can be rewarding and difficult at times. Your commitment to the process is something to be held with trust, compassion, non-judgement and admiration. It is with honour that a therapist is given the opportunity to walk along side you on this path. Throughout the counselling process, you should feel supported by your therapist and feel an authentic connection that allows for honest exchanges, challenging conversations, and genuine moments of celebration. Finding a therapist you can connect with and feel safe to share your story to, is of the up most importance. Be proud that you are here seeking support, as loving yourself through the journey will offer the most healing power of all.




I value every person’s journey, and respect the diversity of his or her life experience without prejudice.


I value all components of wellbeing: emotional, physical, social, mental and spiritual.


I value growth through the power of connection and compassion.


I value guiding individuals back to the intrinsic need of play.


I value the importance of our own healing process and how it impacts interpersonal connections.


I value utilizing and staying current in the most up to date holistic approaches to wellbeing. To manage and respect each client’s right to privacy and confidentiality.

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